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NEWS! One of my YA novels has been selected as a 2018 finalist in an ongoing Cinematic Book competition by Screencraft!

         Due to an increasingly busy writing schedule, I am now taking on fewer editorial clients and students, and am teaching only monthly creative writing workshops. 

I write fiction for children and young adults, books and materials for writing instruction (some available on, poetry, and songs. Since publishing my first two books, the novel Knock onWood, ​and my educational textbook, Writing Success Through Poetry, I have also taught  private writing workshops, and worked as a free-lance editor and writing coach. I love to read to audiences and am known for imitating many voices and singing the songs that appear in most of my books. My works-in-progress all have their own original soundtracks!



Inspiring awe for words and awesome writing, since 1997, I aim to help my readers, editorial clients, and students find and form connections with others via memorable word​s.