Susan began her writing career at age 9, in a Michigan elementary school, when she and two friends convinced a teacher to let them produce and hand out copies of their primitive graphic novel about an elephant with a hump full of juice ("humphantajuice") that he served from his trunk to thirsty children. Obviously, Susan has the memory of an elephant, since that was over 40 years ago! (That's little Susan on the left....)

          She considers poetry the fundamental building block for all writing, and likes to quote Baudelaire: "Always be a poet, even in prose." Her poetry often pops into her mind with tunes, even though Susan does not play an instrument to compose (though she is learning to play ukelele). Often her fiction works end up evolving with characters who write songs, like her!

          After graduating from The University of Michigan, Susan worked as a teacher and private tutor, and later entered the world of publishing, as a magazine editor and free-lance writer/editor, in San Diego. Susan and her husband moved to New York City for a year, where she worked as an associate literary agent and manuscript editor. She opened a California office for the literary agency she worked for when she moved back to San Diego with her husband. A few years and three kids later, Susan retired from representing authors to be a full-time mother and part-time author and tutor. As her three kids grew, so did her creativity, and she published her first book, Knock on Wood, in 2000. Her eldest daughter, now a TV writer, modeled for the "Magic Sight" illustrations in the book when she was 10 years old. Those illustrations, which featured hidden images of a tree fairy, are viewable through red-lensed glasses that come with the book. Bookstores and schools invited Susan to read from her work, talk about writing, and teach writing workshops. Requests for private workshops and lessons resulted in Susan's busy other career as a teacher of writing workshops for kids from age 8 to 18 (and occasionally an adult or two). 

          Susan has established a reputation as a lively teacher who believes in sharing her passion for words. She also volunteers as an active member of her local interfaith network, creating programs and sharing her own words and music with her community. Her passion for singing and songwriting seems to find its way into all of her writings as literary soundtracks. "Dance of the Trees" (a theme song for her middle-grade novel about a girl and a tree fairy) appears on this website, in fact.  Many of her poems double as song lyrics, and many of her song lyrics end up as part of fiction works-in-progress. Stay in touch and you'll see/hear them!



 Susan L. Lipson (a.k.a. "S. L. Lipson")

‚ÄčSusan L. Lipson, Author & Writing Teacher