​  "Lipson's tale speaks profoundly to her readers about  
   the importance of learning how to make the best of
   uncomfortable situations..." -Children's Literature

​   "...wonderfully crafted...highly entertaining...and

    thought-provoking..." -Midwest Book Review

Susan L. Lipson, Author & Writing Teacher

The Secret in the Wooda contemporary fantasy for middle-grade readers, is the enhanced ebook version of the trade paperback originally titled Knock on Wood. The ebook features hidden images within the pictures, viewable via a link (and viewable via red-lensed, cardboard glasses in the paperback). The interactive pictures reinforce the concept of the book: finding magic in one's ordinary life is all about changing one's perspective. The Secret in the Wood introduces two 10 year olds, Sara and Jonathan, who meet when Jonathan's parents buy Sara's beloved home, and then share a startling discovery: a lively tree fairy, Althea, who is trapped in the wood panel of Sara's bedroom wall! The kids team up to free the fairy, learning a lot about moving out, and moving on, in the process.